System Pledges​

To guide our work and to enable us to be held to account by our staff, the public and politicians, we have committed to delivering 10 key pledges which have been co-produced by system partners.

Improving safety and quality​

We will make sure our services are clinically safe throughout the system, delivering the System Improvement Plan and tackling the backlog of elective procedures as a system.

Integrating services at place and neighbourhood level​

We will develop local health and care hubs to improve not just the physical but mental health of people, build on the principles of one public estate and the assets of communities, better manage the volume of hospital admissions and establish new models of care to best serve all our communities.

Tackling the problems of ill health, health inequalities and access to health care​

We will agree measurable outcomes for accelerated Smoking Cessation, improving respiratory health, and reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes and obesity. We will have a strategy for the implementation of segmented population health management (PHM) approach by April 2021 and undertake a post COVID-19 review of access to all services by September 2021.

Delivering improvements in mental health and learning disability / autism provision​

We will, through our transformation programmes and working through whole system approaches, deliver improvements in quality of life for people with learning disabilities by March 2022, and meet the national milestones for mental health transformation by 2023/24.

Economic regeneration​

We will harness the potential of the health and care system together with wider public services to contribute to innovation, productivity and good quality work opportunities. In turn this will create economic prospects that will help improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

Climate change​

We will create economic prospects that will help improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

Leadership & governance ​

We will review and revise our ICS Governance arrangements with an emphasis on place, neighbourhood and provider collaborative arrangement.

Enhanced engagement and accountability ​

We will increase our engagement, involvement and communication with stakeholders, politicians and the public​.

Creating system sustainability​

We will produce a sustainable ICS Financial Recovery plan alongside a System People Plan committing to recruiting and retaining the best people in a supportive working environment.


We will make our system a great place to work by creating environments where people choose to work and thrive and by building system leadership and a flexible co-operative workforce.