Our Equality Objectives – Assessing the Impact of Change

As a system, we hold a shared goal to treat our population, patients and employees fairly and with respect. 

When we think about making changes to our services or policies, it is important that we fully consider the impact that it may have on all of our population groups, along with how it may positively or negatively affect other environmental factors, such as climate change. 

This page is intended for service change leaders within the system, to give them the resources to fully and accurately assess their service/policy change proposals and mitigate accordingly. 

Integrated Impact Assessments (IIA)

The integrated impact assessment process is our tool to ensure that we fully assess the impact of changes to services, policies and functions on their local population and communities.  It is a holistic framework that is used to ensure that new policies and programmes have been considered through not only an equality lens, but also economic, environmental, and health inequalities.   

It seeks to  

  • Identify the positive and any negative impacts for the local population as a result of the proposed change or new service;  
  • Identify which (if any) of the protected characteristics groups are more likely to be affected by the proposals due to their propensity to require different types of health services and what these impacts will be; 
  • Identify the impact on staff from equality and protected characteristic groups 
  • Identify the impact that the proposals may have on a set of societal considerations, including climate change and social inclusion. 
  • Develop an overall set of integrated conclusions on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the different options; and  
  • Provide recommendations on ways in which positive impacts can be maximised for the population and for those with protected characteristics and ways in which to mitigate, or minimise, any adverse effects. 

How to Undertake an IIA

  • There are potentially three stages to completing an integrated impact assessment.  Whether a Baseline Equality Report or a full Integrated Impact Assessment is required will depend on the level of impacts identified by the IIA Screener tool.  This tool seeks to inform programme leads on the level of further engagement and investigation required for their proposal, based on their answers to a series of questions


  • Before you start the IIA process for your project, click on this link for a short guide and overview of why we complete IIAs

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